The short story of 1860’s self-destruction

The 1860 Munich team is a subject of controversies and lots fake facts, which spread through internet like -insert your favorite insect-. But through this black hole I can be your guide to just in couple of sentences make everything a bit clearer.

In 2011 the investor from Jordan has bought 49% of actions of the TSV 1860, which was in early 2000s divided it two companies – TSV Munich 1860 e.V. and the KGaA. And the problem is that this KGaA – is a department of s.c. profi-football (including the main team and the amateur team U21). And by buying those 49% of actions, Mr. investor exactly has acquired the whole KGaA.

The investor promised to all the fans that he will invest in new players, build a stadium and will make sure, that 1860 Munich plays in Bundesliga (the 1’st german football league, or a premiere league, as you wish to call it). Most of the players he bought were “too old” or young and incapable to do any result, of course not all of them were like that, Stefan Aigner, Sascha Mölders and especially Ivica Olic were maybe the best late purchases, but they still have not brought anything to the club, since there was no chemistry between players of the team, speaking simply – there was no team.
Great players and very good trainers suffered from this at the end – because of the investors will and his unprofessional team they changed since 2011 exactly 11 trainers and lots of players. Nearly 70 million euros were thrown just in a trash can.

Of course the investor is not the only one who did this. The club itself (the e.V.) did the internal fighting with the investor, because they finally understood, what was wrong with the whole system – these two parts in which the club was divided.
In Germany there is also a so called 50+1 rule, which forbids the investor to acquire more than a 49% of a football club’s auctions…

Really, let’s make a long story short!

The e.V. and the fans want to get rid of the investor completely, so they make a deal with the players, that they could lose the relegation and the club will start with almost no money almost from the beginning but with young players, which were educated throughout the years by the TSV 1860. The problem is now, that the plan is still in a realization, the part with losing relegation is accomplished, but the investor still doesn’t want to go. The e.V. hopes, that the investor capitulates completely someday, or they will try to do some changes within the club themselves without involving the man, with whom they make war…

At least we know, that the investor is now completely isolated from the club, so that the only thing he can do – is invest money in it. And it is a good thing, because if a man doesn’t have any idea, how it goes in football, you better do something else.

Looking at the past year, we had a huge success of the amateur team, and since it has to become a profi-team now, we believe in a quick return of the club to the professional football league of Germany.
Now they can start from Regional league of Bavaria – the 4th German football league.

It’s 1860 LIVE, believing in our club every second 🙂

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