Trainer Daniel Bierofka + squad updates

Great news!

For the Bavaria’s Regional league we have our beloved Biero – Daniel Bierofka – as trainer. Previously he trained the U21 team (that played last season in Regional League of Bavaria and finished as a vice-champion), but now he will be the main trainer for the Profi team!

Also we have great news about our players who wish to continue at 1860 Munich. One of them is Jan Mauersberger.

And also we have a very special transfer this season! Timo Gebhart, 28, the U21 Europe champion, who played till this day in Rostock’s F.C.Hansa (plays currently in a 3rd german League).

And Biero stated about Sascha Mölders, that he (Daniel) wishes he’d stay with us and continue at 1860 Munich, but we need to wait, because Sascha has some other transfer proposals.


It’s 1860 LIVE

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